Inkscape – Star Pyramid

Tutorial : Star Pyramid
Duration : 00:05:41
Application : Inkscape 0.91
OS : Ubuntu GNOME 16.04

Quick Outline, Watch video for more details and decoration.

Star Pyramid Inkscape
Step 1 : Draw a star of 5 corners using Create Stars and Polygons tool.
Star Pyramid Inkscape
Step 2 : Duplicate star over it and convert it using menu > Path -> Stroke to Path
Step 3 : Enable Snap Other Points Р> Snap Centers of Objects
Star Pyramid Inkscape
Step 4 : Add node in internal path between star leg and while dragging new node, hold and snap it to Cusp node to object midpoint.
Star Pyramid Inkscape
Repeat step 4 until finish

Watch complete video for more details and decoration.